Women + entrepreneurs – womentrepreneurs – challenging and bringing new business strategies

In India the percentage of working women is very less as compared to the men. If a woman thinks about starting a business they face so many so challenges and those challenges are very harsh and difficult than the ones faced by men in a startup.

Earlier it was believed that women should have limits and she should live behind the four walls of a kitchen. However, this is the time to:

  • change this traditional thinking;
  • stop embarrassing a women;
  • stop oppressing a women’s potential and empowerment

Why women should be deprived of their dreams? Women can very well start their small scale business. Today, women entrepreneurship is doing wonders in the business world. It is:

  • Boosting their confidence;
  • Making them independent;
  • Creating a great helping hand in the family and what not?

However, something that has pros comes with cons as well. Let us check, how?

Male dominating society

India has a vast number of male dominating societies, since the time immemorial. In business field as well, women face tough competition due to males. For instance: India is the 3rd largest nation having start-up ideas. 1000’s of new start-ups have launched recently, yet women’s contribution is only 11 % in this number.

However, this problem can be easily overcome by the female entrepreneurs. They can do anything. Female is derived from ‘fe + male’, where fe refers to iron and male we all know. Hence, proved female denotes to an iron man. This shows that a female have:

  • Great potential;
  • Strength; and
  • Confidence

If they can easily manage the household work, they can surely excel in the business as well. The future business ideas of 2020 year regarding start-up can help the women in starting their businesses.

Funds’ deficiency

The men have funds in their pocket because they are always treated as the independent persons who can earn their livelihood on their own. On the other hand the women who always live at home and do household work, from where she can arrange their funds?

So it is a big hindrance for the women to run the business without the funds and even she faces lot of difficulties in applying a loan as she doesn’t have any earning source.

To overcome this problem, a woman can opt such business ideas that require low investment and high profits such as:

  • Freelancing work;
  • Bakery products;
  • Pickles;
  • Stitching,
  • Knitting; and
  • Tuitions etc.

Balance between work and home

Women were always treated as they are coming in this world to handle the household duties and to take care of their families but behind all these things it is very hard to manage something beyond that in between 24 hours of a day. The reason is that household works have a never-ending list.

A woman plays multiple roles in a family so it is always preferred to give first priority to the home. But this situation can also be overcome by the time if men start helping and contributing in the household work.


There are very few females who actually go to school for education. The lack of education leads to a huge problem in the life of a women entrepreneur but after the initiative steps taken by Government like, “beti bachao beti padhao”, such problem is also getting extinguished from the lives of females.

No proper guidance

When women take a step forward for work to start-up their business, they face many problems but these problems can be overcome if there is a support and guidance of any experienced person.

The fact is that the big hindrance in the stairs to success of a women is they do not get any support from any person so they face their challenges and use their own mind to start their business and their own experience make them successful.


Today, our nation is encouraging women empowerment and the small profitable business ideas have a light in the life of women to make them a successful entrepreneur. They are shining like a star in the business sector. It has become very normal in our daily lives that we hear some successful stories of women entrepreneurs.

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Sudhanshu Malik

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