Vacations Are On? These 4 Strategies Can Help You Understand How to Keep Your Employees Focused

Don’t you think it usually happens that your workload increases all of a sudden when your employees or team members are on vacation? It is very hard to manage work with deadlines approaching near when there is vacation time and you have less staff.

Nowadays it is not easy to ask employees to do extra time because:

  • Nobody wants to take unwanted responsibility;
  • Responsibility of some other person with overburden work;
  • Overburden of work and that too without extra wages.

In such critical times, usually the burden of workload shifts on the shoulders of a manager. He put effort into doing work within time without having any omission or confusion. That is a crucial time for the performance management system because half of the team who is working on vacations may lose their productivity because their colleagues are enjoying holidays while they are working for extra hours for no good reason.

The vacations are not unpredictable rather they are expected so the managers should be prepared beforehand. They must be ready for the alternate ideas in order to complete the project within a period of the deadline.

There are 5 suggestions for improvement in the company so that the employer can manage things in vacations. The reason is that you cannot take the risk of your work merely because of holidays as your work is your priority. Following are the pointers:

Maintain leave schedule

In business, there should be a proper schedule for maintaining leaves because it is difficult to remember everyone’s leave. So try to maintain effective time management strategies in your workflow. Under this strategy:

  • The manager can allocate the work to the team before bidding adieu to the employees for holidays;
  • This should be done so that the manager should be free from stress and your work will be completed within the deadline.
  • Another important thing is the manager must set formal leave time to request for leave application approval.

Effective planning and time management in advance

Whether you are an entrepreneur or professional, effective planning is the key to success. Hassle and rush at the end moment is not a sign of a prudent person. And planning is about calculating the persons who are working divided by work but the work should not be massive. There must be the protection of your team from unrealistic deadlines and expectations.

Boost up the team

Use performance appraisal tools to enhance productivity in your business organization. Those who are working at a time when other employees are on holiday, there must be flexible regarding their work. It will be proven to be an effective way to increase the performance of your staff. It will be fruitful for those who are not showing high performance in fixed working hours.

Outsource your work during vacations

If there is actually the burden of extra work at the time when your team is on holidays and you have tried to settle down your work even after effective time management then you must hire more employees for a temporary purpose.

Or you may give your work to some social media management company or an outsourcing company in order to reduce the burden and enhance the productivity of remaining employees. You can also outsource your work to the freelancers to improve your employee performance report.


To conclude, these are some helpful points that you must follow to make effective management with proper planning and timing in advance so that you would not repent it later for not doing so.

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