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The 17th Lok Sabha

The 17th Lok Sabha’s first session has been the most productive session in the past 20 years. Modi 2.0 government has broken all records by passing 30 bills in this budget session. Out of 30, 20 have been passed by the house while both houses passed a total of 14 bills.

According to a data compilation report by PRS, Lok Sabha’s productivity stands the highest at 128%. The next highest productivity was recorded in 2016 Budget session which was approximately 125%. 2014 winter session too had similar productivity.

The productivity of a session is calculated on the basis of the number of hours a house actually works or functions as a percentage of the total number of hours assigned or earmarked for it to work.

The current session which started on 17th June was supposed to end on 26th July. Till 16th July, the session had worked for 150.2 hours already. The members of the parliament have been working more than the scheduled hours. Usually, the budget session sees MPs discussing grants for different ministries and portfolios.

Chaired by Speaker Om Birla, Lok Sabha has sat till midnight two times till now to complete its legislative business.

Rajya Sabha where Modi Government lacks majority has also been working more than the usual hours. The productivity of the upper house was too at 98% till 16th July.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed to extend the budget session by 8 more working days till 7th August 2019. Prahlad Joshi, the Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister informed the house about the same on 25th July. The decision, however, is expected to draw a strong protest from the opposition who is against the extension.

According to the government, there will be a lot of bills pending after the current budget session has been concluded. The government does not want to wait till next winter session for some crucial bills and intend to pass those in this current session only by extending it.

Delhi’s assembly elections are also scheduled around that time. The extension of the current session will be critical due to the bitterness between the opposition and the treasury benches.

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