Start-up Without Cash: Reality or Myth?

Commencing a new enterprise without cash seems next to impossible. Of course, when in this era where loan takers and loan givers are increasing in number daily, how can one think of starting a business without investing cash? Any start-up enthusiast would need primarily four things to invest in his or her business which is as follow:

  • Money;
  • Time;
  • Attention;
  • Energy; etc.

Any start-up enthusiast has to be very firm about the size of the business as there are many options available without an investment of cash; if he or she wants to opt for a small business idea or work from home. Now, what are the tips or ideas that one can think of, to start with?

Following are the pointers that can help you in starting your business with no or very less money:

Focus on the branding of your business

If you have a very decent or low budgeted capital, try to put your efforts in branding. Some of the highly valued brands have flourished so much because they are offering out of the box, economical as well as useful products and services to the people. Also, their services are not a restricted version of anything.

Further, if your business gets noticed in DPIIT (Department of Industry Policy and Promotion), then the angel investors also notice your business and they get allured to invest in your business. For that you must:

  • Develop a professional brand logo;
  • Develop an automated e-mail marketing sequence using an email as a market strategy to pitch;
  • Shoot and then promote photographs of your products, services, activities employees, etc.;
  • Develop brand storytelling.

Optimum use of resources

As you are not investing capital in your business so you must use your resources in an optimized way without letting them being wasted so that they can give you the fruitful results. Your best available resource is the human mind in the first place. The more smart people you collaborate with, the more time, efforts and money you save. Teamwork can give you profitable and long-lasting favourable results.

Further, the second-best resource is the availability of updated technology which refers to the use of digital tools that are generally available for free on the internet. For instance, we can use Google or other search engines to search the tools, apps or software available for free. In other words, tools refer to planning and project management tools.

Start with good planning

No matter you lack funds or you are a millionaire, you need good planning to start any kind of business. A prediction for your work is the key to achieve success in the business. By predicting and pre-planning you can identify your potential risks and keep the safer options to avail them when in need. So planning is a must for you to start any kind of business.

Invest your available resources in work from home opportunities

When you think of owning or operating your business from the comfort of your home; following are the business option that can be considered:

  • providing tuitions,
  • baking cakes or confectionery products,
  • preparing pickles,
  • working as a freelancer,
  • Doing craftwork, etc.

These options are also apt to be listed under online businesses that help people in earning money.


To conclude, this is not a myth that you can start your business without cash. There are many options that you can give a chance to and for that first analyse your interests.

Once you find out your interest, the next step will be to make it worthwhile. The angel investors also look to invest in such businesses. The moment you get noticed, congratulations, you got your investor.


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