Seven Hats Consulting is an Education Consulting Company

Seven Hats Consulting is an education consulting company. The company’s primary focus is on professionals who are high performing and are in their mid-careers. Seven Hats focuses on professionals who have graduated from top educational institutions in India and all over the globe, work in fields from consulting, private equity to technology and entrepreneurship, and wish to pursue their MBA at top global schools.

The company also works with those professionals who are planning to switch companies or their careers. But not as a placement agency. The company provides mentorship through professional coaches. These mentors usually have a near to perfect success rate. Seven Hats has been vital in moulding the careers of a huge number of professionals in their very critical mid-career stages. These coaches work with the clients to set the foundation for their next 10 years of their career according to their plans and aspirations.

Seven Hats Consulting is the brainchild of Neha Sundesha, a graduate of Columbia Business School. She established the company in 2012. Since then, Seven Hats has been popular for their expertise in career mentoring and professional coaching of students and professionals to help them achieve their goals, careers and targets.

Seven Hats has been in the business as an education consulting firm for seven years. Their primary attention is towards those individuals who are looking for a shift in their career paths, educational course and entrepreneurial targets after pursuing their professional and educational choices for some time. The company helps students understand and get a measure of their true potential and capability. Once students feel self-confident and determined, their ideas can change and impact the society and nation in many positive ways.

Seven Hats is not only about sending their students to top-rated business school in India. In the words of Neha, the CEO and founder of Seven Hats, “We measure our success by looking at the candidate’s long term success. People are under too much pressure to succeed. We wanted to remove that. And make finding success a wonderful and exciting process.”

Neha Sundesha as founder has been extremely dedicated towards her company. She is a fine example of a classic woman entrepreneur in India. She overlooks everything personally and the whole mentoring of every student is carefully and thoughtfully designed by herself. It becomes bliss for students to be personally mentored by such a successful entrepreneur, who can not only guide them towards the right path but can also shape them to be successful and motivating just like her.

Seven Hats is passionate about their students when mentoring the. The whole process goes on for a complete year. When the process has been completed, it is safe to say that students have been completely changed which helps them progress and grow in the new stages of their lives and careers.

Neha is from Calcutta and strongly advocates for the rise and growth of women entrepreneurs in India. She was always in a women entrepreneurial system as her mother is also an entrepreneur.

According to her, there are three things which are extremely crucial if we want to promote more women to take up entrepreneurship in India – “a society that builds more support systems for its women, more risk capital allocated to women in families, and financial freedom for women at an early age so they become responsible owners, spenders, and investors of capital.”

Neha is an alumna of two Ivy League Universities – University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Business School. Seven Hats is now setting the benchmark when it comes to mentoring the students. They are not like any other regular consultancy. The company believes in the balance between growing and quality. Seven Hats take only 5-6 undergrads in a year and focus on shaping their future through an extensive and elaborate process.

Usually, their clients are the undergraduates who are highly passionate and goal-driven when it comes about shaping their careers. Not only this, but a great educational background is also a criterion when choosing students and professionals as clients by Seven Hats Consulting. The clientele usually includes students from the management background.

Students opting to choose entrepreneurship as their future choice are mentored and guided in such a way that they improve their entrepreneurial skills and ideas. A remarkable combination of process, technology and metrics are used at Seven Hats to hone students.

Seven Hats is just not about guiding students on what to pursue in their careers. Students are instilled with values on how to proceed in life maintaining a good work-life balance. In Neha’s own words: “But, I believe that is what makes this exciting. I believe the quality time I spend with my children makes me a happy person. Living with family and spending time with friends makes me a kind person. And working for my clients, and seeing them grow, and learning from them builds in me a global, current and astute awareness of the world, which I can bring back home to grow my family’s intellectual and idea fabric more holistically.”

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