Setup entrepreneurship universities and tackle unemployment

India is yet one of the developing nations. There are certain challenges that are creating many hindrances in the development of the nation. Unemployment is one of those challenges. India’s population is growing fast that is why the job opportunities for the youth who are well educated are very few.

Recently, in latest news on entrepreneurship in English it is declared that the Delhi cabinet has given its assent. The assent is regarding setting up an entrepreneurship university with a commencing capacity. It is a device for the students who are worrying for their careers.

It is the time for taking the assent of Delhi lieutenant governor of Delhi so that the proposal can be presented before the Delhi assembly. Entrepreneurship in schools/ universities makes the student’s a job creator. It is a remedy for unemployment in India.

Insights about the course

  • The tenure of the course is 6 to 12 months;
  • The eligibility for a student to take admission in the entrepreneurship courses is after passing 12th pass classes;
  • Even graduates can apply for the entrepreneurship courses.

This course guarantees students to do a job well after their course gets completed because they are about to merge with its sectors and other skill sectors. Entrepreneurship universities have also collaborated with the big MNCs.

Merits of the courses

  • This will help in reducing the biggest issue of unemployment;
  • It will help in preparing the students to be a job creator rather than being a job seeker;
  • There is a ray of hope for success and better growth in future;
  • It will renovate vocational education and much more.

Entrepreneurship universities are themselves like a social entrepreneurship because these are working on one of the major issues of the societies such as unemployment. Entrepreneur in residence is one of the other crucial features of such university courses.

Students are getting opportunity to meet with the successful business minds and the other motivational speakers or members of NGO’s who will devote their crucial time with them for one on one discussion and research in academic institutions.

  • It sees the rupees as just a tool that effects the real change throughout the nation.
  • It enables the economic growth while creating an innovative entrepreneur.
  • It is providing with an object to build up a supportive platform for new generation of entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurship as a main stream of education is not just only tackling with unemployment, in fact, it is renovating the educational systems as a whole in India. It again trains the students to become a job creator rather than a job seeker.

Impact of decision taken by Delhi government

The innovative proposal of entrepreneurship universities by Delhi government is going to impact a positive change in India. It will build the confidence in students for their career and also help in the development of India. It will bring the new and the best education system for the youth of India.


To conclude, India will become one of the global entrepreneurship hubs in the coming time. It will increase the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) in India through which the job opportunities will also rise upward. Indian entrepreneurship is going to step into the shoes of new ventures and alliances.

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