Odd-Even rule in Delhi 2019: Rules, dates, timings, exemption and fine

Delhi, the national capital region has always been in news for one or the other reasons. This time it is regarding the odd-even scheme. The odd-even scheme was introduced by the Delhi Government in the year 2016. It was launched due to the poor air quality in the city. The state government has initiated to reinforce the scheme again.

Here are the highlights of the scheme that you must know:

  • This is the third edition of the odd-even scheme which will be implemented on 04th November 2019.
  • The scheme is in relation to the cars;
  • Under the scheme, the cars with odd numbers and even numbers are allowed to be driven on alternate days;
  • The odd-even scheme relates to the prevention of bad quality of air in NCR;
  • Unlike last time, the rule will be applicable on four-wheelers as well as on two-wheelers;

As per the statement was given by Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, two masks per each house has been distributed along with the launch of odd-even. 

What does the rule states?

  • The rule begins on 04th November 2019 and will last till 15th November 2019.
  • During this period, the cars with odd registered numbers will be allowed on odd dates.
  • Similarly, the cars having even numbers will be allowed on roads on the even dates.
  • The time during which the rule will be applicable is 8 am till 8 pm except on Sundays.
  • The scheme is applicable on all non-transport four-wheelers including the vehicles from other states.

You need not worry as the government has asked the auto-rickshaw drivers as well as private cab service providers to charge reasonable price from the public during these hours. Also, the government has initiated to deploy cluster buses with a fleet of DTC buses. Further, DMRC short for Delhi metro rail corporation will conduct 61 trips during these days.

Is there any penalty on breaking the rule?

Yes, there is a heavy penalty on breaking this odd-even rule. The government has enhanced the amount from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000 in 2019 in compliance with the amendment that came in Motor vehicle Act recently.


Now, you must be wondering is there any exemption to this rule? Yes, indeed there is. The vehicles that are exempted from this rule are:

  • Defence vehicles;
  • Enforcement vehicles;
  • Private vehicles carrying school children;
  • Private vehicles carrying medical passengers; 
  • Women accompanied by children less than 12 years;
  • Cars occupied with a single woman;
  • Cars occupied with only women;
  • Vehicles of VIPs like President, vice president, Prime minister, Union ministers, state governors, Chief Justice of India, Speakers of Lok Sabha, etc. 

However, the Delhi government has not exempted the vehicles of ministers of Delhi along with the vehicle of Chief Minister of Delhi during this period. Also, the privately-owned CNG vehicles are not exempted.


To conclude, the state is witnessing the very bad quality of air due to many man-made defaults and otherwise as well. Now, it’s the time to join hands with the government and contribute towards the good cause so that everyone can get the fresh and pollution-free atmosphere.

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