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Nelsonin Research Private Limited

Nelsonin Research Private Limited was founded by Nelson Naveen Irudayaraj who has always been inclined towards innovation and research. The company is working towards transforming the technology and turning them into an advantage for the common man as well as business. They have revolutionized the Make in India initiative by launching a 3 –D app named “TESS.LA”. They have tasted huge success and have also been duly recognized and rewarded by the government and various organisations for their excellent work and innovative approach.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are not unheard words these days and we come across many ventures which are using this technology successfully. The world has transitioned from the two dimensional to three-dimensional digital technologies and has witnessed numerous products and services making their presence felt. Nelsonin Research is doing active research in this world and wants to disrupt this sector by introducing fourth dimension products and services for every soul on earth. They are the pioneers in indigenously developing the AR/VR software in India. They have developed a product called “TESS.LA” which is giving tough competition to foreign players in the AR/VR segment.

Technology with a human touch

Nelsonin Research Private Limited always works towards finding innovative solutions which can serve the society at large and also make a difference in the life of the people. The founder Mr Nelson Naveen Irudayaraj is also credited with designing the Maritime Border Indicator which prevents our fishermen from crossing International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL). While working on a project he found that people are facing difficulties while working on the internet so he got the idea of working on the fourth dimension. So we can see that there are the human touch and an inclination to help others behind their research work and innovations.

Combining ideas with technology

Nelsonin Research Private Ltd follows an unconventional approach in hiring talent. They hire experts from each sector and field to create a perfect mix of talent also keeping in mind gender balance. They make forums and social networks and then try to derive idea from them and then work on it. They are combining 3D and AR/VR technology with different sectors and industries such as Manufacturing, Gaming, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, etc. Their USP is to provide low-cost services and solutions to their clients through their product TESS.LA ensuring their profitability.

Marching Ahead with great zeal

The founder Mr Nelson Naveen Irudayaraj has also been presented with many awards for the creation of fishermen’s lifeline gadgets. They have a self-motivated team of highly efficient professionals. The company has also won many awards and laurels for their contribution in the field of technology and innovation. They have won more than 30 Honors from various prestigious institutions like IndiAfrica, IIM-A, IIM-B, IIT-B, etc. They were also awarded as the “Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award”. They have also launched a 3D app named ADDIEE 1.0 in Google Play Store. They are slowly and steadily taking giant steps towards making a name for themselves.

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