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Manish Malhotra – The Fashion Statement

Looking for expansion of business in Fashion Industry

Manish Malhotra opens a store, and in other countries, luxury majors are entering the game.

The sudden 70 days of closure proved to be extremely challenging for Manish Malhotra commercially. Nevertheless, because of its high demand, a few products were quickly developed or returned to the line. Online fashion weeks are embracing a new acceptance and in India; Lakme Fashion Week has launched a showroom and will be in a market for both fashion designers and craftspeople.

With regard to the opening of visual stores, other designers such as Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Sanjay Garg of Raw Mango, and Payal Khandwala have continued boldly.

  • In addition to enhancing their e-commerce and digital presence, and providing WhatsApp style consultation, these designers have planned for store-visits by taking initial permission. They hope that both the employees and their customers will follow all defensive measures. They are ready for the wedding season, even if only for a few, close issues right now. 
  • Delhi and Hyderabad have always been their target, the new store opened there on May-22nd. They only take clients by appointment and he can see that it will go slowly. However, in October, wedding orders will come in. Even if weddings are small, the bride and groom will want to dress up!
  • Security measures in changing rooms: “Opening our stores is not about business but about sending that beautiful vibe, even to my brothers. I want to encourage them to open their own stores. Everyone in our stores will wear gloves, and we will not encourage installation. If the customer insists, the washed garment will be placed in the probation room, and after the trial, it will be cleaned and returned to the floor after four hours”, Manish Malhotra added.
  • He also contacted his experts in Benaras, Kashmir, and the Mijwan Welfare Society and promised that they will be getting a job on a regular basis. 
  • However, he is planning to have a collection of new life and joy. The borders, fabric, and intricate embroidery he collected over the years will be considered. More mix and match will be in vogue. 

   For example, someone would like to wear the heirloom sari of his mother or grandmother above a lovely top or a jacket from him.

   In addition, they make a series of masks with this collection.

  • Dressing post lockdown: Good looks have a healing effect on Manish Malhotra’s mind and soul. He has been saying ‘the trend-less is a new trend’. Even though it is a small circle of five friends, he saw people dressed up. He also added that he is extremely happy that amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, he and his dear ones are still alive.

Manish Malhotra looks back on a 30-year journey of endless work, from 22-hour working days to movies to weddings to collections to fashion shows. He was able to come up with new fashion trends and business expansion ideas by staying with his family. Therefore, from that point of view, the lock on the floor was refreshing for him in terms of expanding his business.

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