India International Science Festival: Entrepreneurs’ interaction with school students

Science and technology plays an integral role in the development of our country. Now-a-days when we talk about technology, we observe many changes in the recent times. Entrepreneurs are trying to share their business ideas with the youth of our country by organizing science and technology events. Such events are conducted time to time so that the students should understand the essence of science and technology in their lives.

India International Science Festival is organized every year for the students to build their interest towards science. These kinds of events make the students link with the upcoming technology and they make them feel fearless and confident while learning the different methods of science.

Besides discussing what the festival is all about; one should know why the festival is important for the school students to attend. Following points are very helpful to make you know more about the event.

  • The festival helps in spreading information about the science and technology.
  • It involves the students in science exhibitions.
  • It builds interest amongst the students.
  • It gives the knowledge to the students regarding the amazing facts about science.
  • It encourages fun learning.

The main aim of organizing this festival is to make the students prepare for upcoming future challenges. In order to achieve this purpose we need to involve some activities so that students themselves put their hands in this field. Further these festivals:

  • Encourages practical work.
  • Helps in presenting live demos.
  • Helps in giving short and useful projects.
  • Involvement of innovating ideas.

Now, it has become important to make the students aware about the business as well. The reason is that not only the men but also the women entrepreneur is also running the business well. Students need to be aware about the upcoming business ideas in India in 2020. Many startup India schemes are there for the next generation.

Coming back to India International science festival that has taken place in Kolkata, many students have attended the festival where entrepreneurs came there to motivate the students. Anil Kothari, one of the coordinators of the session, shared his views on the following matters.

According to Anil Kothari

Entrepreneur from different firms communicate with students to know about the student’s interest, and focus on sharpening their mind with some creative plans that are helpful in their career. He further said that it was a wonderful conversation regarding startups with skilled people like Onkar Roy, Anita Gupta, Sunil Kumar along with all the energetic students. They show a model of:-

  • Generation of electricity from biogas.
  • Creative equipment like:-
  • Generation of power from organic waste.
  • Low- priced sensor to measure blood pressure level.

Student’s experience

Sreya Nag of class 8th from BDM International School said that startup stories of any successful businessman gives her mind a positive thought. She could also do wonders in life and gain something good in the future.

Gaurav Neogi of class 9th said that the model shown by the entrepreneurs was very useful in our lives and he wish that one day he will also make a creative device for the betterment of all human beings.


To conclude we can say that school students are the best learners because they grab things very easily with full interest. All they need is a push towards a right direction. To organize these kinds of festival is always prove to be very beneficial for the students and the entrepreneurs.

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