Franchise India to Invest in 25 Start-ups in FY2019-20: Tech Businesses on Radar

Franchise India is investing in future businesses or start-ups since its inception in the year 1999. Top Franchise Business in India includes DTDC courier, Amul Scoop, KidZee School franchise Khadims franchise, etc.

What is a Franchise business?

Franchise business is a business model where an entrepreneur leases the right to use a company’s brand name, business model, and the product or services for a limited period of time. One has to invest a certain sum of money and sign a deed document in order to acquire this right.

These kinds of businesses enjoy a higher success rate as the brands already have reached the market and made their name and trust amongst the customers. Hence, one doesn’t need to do a huge investment in the advertisement, marketing or digitalizing the brand.

Tech business on radar: Franchise India to invest in 25 start-ups in FY 2019-20

Franchise India is looking to invest in 25 more start-ups in the financial year 2019-20 after investing in approx. 100 early-stage start-ups. Franchise India Holdings Ltd has funded start-ups like Bikezone and UClean in the past. So far, the company has invested in retail and consumer brands.

Following are the highlights from the statement given by GauravMarya, the chairman of Franchise India Holdings Ltd, on his investment ideology:

  1. As the organization is heading forward, their strategy is to look for investments in tech areas;
  2. The organization believes in investing in the early stages of any future business;
  3. The foresees organization high potential into business and strategic growth of tech businesses as these businesses need huge investments;
  4. The organization acts as a rainmaker for series A and B for the start-ups that go beyond its investments.
  5. The organizations like to invest in ideas and new business opportunities in India while looking into the scalability of the concept of the firm.
  6. The organization looks for 100 % dedication and commitment of the entrepreneur before investing in his or her business.

Though the amount to be invested in the start-ups is not yet announced, the companies have raised follow-on rounds. As per the claims made by Franchise India, companies like Raymond, OYO, Titan, and Zomato are using its platform for franchising.

Following are the trends in the latest franchise opportunities in India:

  1. Franchise business in India with low investment includes world health care mart, Pegasus design house, healthcare Adda, BYP Pharma Pvt ltd, etc.
  2. The best food franchise business in India includes Pizza hut, chick blast, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Kathi Junction, etc.

VFranchise India plays a pivotal role in innovative ideas, showcasing better business mechanisms, and helping the best talent pool.

Franchise India is Asia’s one of the biggest franchising retailing company which manages India as well as International brands. It has over 100 offices across the nation. It is helping many companies and start-ups in India with more than 2000 people on its payroll and approx. 5000 associates. It is currently present in 70 cities and 8 countries with the motive of building businesses.

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