Expansion of the supply network is necessary – ECVV

It helps in accommodating semi-finished and industrial goods during the pandemic

As per the recent news, the global service provider of industrial products, ECVV extends the supply chain network to meet the growing demand of the industries and business during this pandemic. ECVV, a cross-border MRO product sourcing platform in China, trades in finished and semi-finished industrial goods and products. It helps international companies to source from China and saves lots of resources by adopting smart delivery routes and techniques to ensure the safety and timely delivery of the goods across the borders. 

As China is the origin point of this pandemic COVID – 19, it significantly impacted by the crisis due to which –

  • The disruption of global trade and supply chain system.
  • The business started struggling to source raw materials and facing difficulty to import and export supplies because of closed borders, ceased flight travels, and limited trade.  
  • The situation caused China to shut their factories, manufacturing process, and lead to the desolating effects on global supply chains. 

The re-opening of borders and ports in Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic in China. This way, it starts building trading opportunities for itself. 

Announcement by ECVV

The extension of business suppliers enabled companies, and businesses to restore sourcing of finished and semi-finished goods from the country, enabled many international buyers to start their production.

There are many countries that are not able to take advantage of trade. In addition to that, they still did not open up their land borders and retained the restrictions on flight travel.

ECVV has, now, decided to extend its supply chain network. To that, most of the countries that tend to resume their production. They can take advantage of this strong network of the supply chain. The market also projects a huge demand for machinery, electronics, and construction materials Suppliers find it as a good opportunity for the advantages.

Ensuring proper supply-chain and smooth service

ECVV aims at the two main components of demand and supply to ensure the necessary expansion of the supply network.

  1. Improvement in supply chain
  2. Smoothening of the supply services

To do so, certain things need to be taken care of – increase of the network size, safe and timely delivery, and bridging the gap between demand and supply globally. 

  • With the expectation of more industries and businesses reopening and resuming their production in the coming months. 
  • The availability of raw material has been the biggest concern of industries to resume their production process. The aim of the ECVV is to smoothen this process.
  • The extended network of suppliers will bring opportunities to boost the economies of both sides. 
  • With businesses operating, there will always be a demand for the products. It doesn’t even need any pause business operations in this pandemic.

As per the data, a notable increase has been recorded in the number of customers who availed ECVV’s Safebuy’s services in the month of April & May, the extension of the supplier’s network seems necessary and a necessary step. It will encourage other international producers to walk on the path of improving their economic conditions and benefit from it. And the countries can take the maximum benefit of the expansion of the supply network – which is necessary.

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