Augmented Reality is a new personalized marketing technique

Augmented Reality is the next big thing in the marketing field. The AR industry is expected to grow up to $120 billion by 2020 as we are seeing the expansion and utilization of technology across the globe. The chance of a successful conversion of an online sale is about 40% if the customer is able to experience the product through AR.

It has added a new dimension to the marketing strategies employed by marketers. The primary reason behind this is that it provides the customer an option where he can do customization and personalization according to his liking. In fact, 63% of the shoppers think that AR makes their shopping experience much better. Now let us study how this is achieved through AR.


Customers always want to try the products before buying them. Using AR customers can try and model for the products without going through the hassles of trying out various products physically. It also reduces the need to maintain large amount of inventory for customers to try on various colors and sizes.

Assistance in Touring

The use of AR is very vast and covers many industries. It allows the companies to enhance the customer experience by allowing them the virtual tour of the establishment. Many stadiums and theatres use this application to enable the visitors choose the best seat according to their needs and preferences. The visitors can also have the 360-degree look of the facility they are about to visit and see the location of the seats they want to purchase.

Enhanced Branding

You can add a virtual component to your branding material like visiting cards and brochures which allow the users to scan through them and access the features in detail. It keeps the customer engaged and occupied make it a memorable experience.

Customer Engagement

AR helps the companies in building a marketing campaign by organizing activities using AR which keeps the customers engaged and entertained. As the technology is fairly new it leaves a lasting impression on the people’s mind and they remember it for longer time which is good for any brand. These activities generate a buzz around the brand and generate discussion thereby strengthening the brand.

Sales Presentation

It has transformed the B2B sales scenario. You always try to maintain a balance between customer expectations and vendor experience. It can significantly improve the entire sales process. By using the AR sales team is able to bring the product to the meeting room. There are sales tools which are designed with the help of AR which help the end users see and inspect the product from an overview to a detailed view.

There are changes happening everywhere as technological advancements are taking place and so marketing techniques are also changing and evolving to use the latest technologies and redesigning the strategies. It helps in the development of marketing strategies; strengthen the image of the company by customer engagement and eventually increasing sales.

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