Apple stops the sale of these 4 smartphones in India

It’s the value that matters, not volume. That’s what Apple is looking for in India. Apple has stopped the sale of:

  1. iPhone SE,
  2. iPhone 6,
  3. iPhone 6 plus,
  4. iPhone 6s Plus in India.

All these iPhones are the lower-priced iPhones amongst all the phones of Apple. The decision of taking these iPhones off the shelves have made them expensive to buy. Consequently, the price of an iPhone in India will be increased by almost ₹ 8000.

The decision has come intending to focus on driving the value instead of chasing the volumes in India. Three senior industry executives said that the supply of these iPhones was stopped last month itself from the Company.

The sales team of Apple had informed regarding the launch of the new entry model, iPhone 6s to the traders across the country. As per them, the new iPhone would be launched post the old stock gets sold off.

The present-day value of iPhone 6 is approx. ₹ 29500 whereas the value of iPhone SE was ₹ 22000 approximately. All the previously sold four models are out of stock on the online shopping applications. As per the company, those models will continue to be available in the US.

As per the reports, the sales of Apple in India went up after the company undertook a promotion to drop the prices of iPhone XR in the April-June quarter. Apple decided to remove those four models after it improved its revenue and profit in India in the year 2018-19.

As per the Registrar of the Companies, Apple is yet to file its reports for the financial year 2019 with them. Company’s revenue in India increased 12% to ₹ 13098 crores while net profit hiked to ₹896 crores.

California based Apple Company Cupertino has reduced its number of distributors to 2 from 5 in India. It has decided to rein in arbitrary discounts to reinforce the brand’s premium.

As per the reports, Apple will localize its upcoming iPhone’s operating system for the first time in India, with support for 22 different languages, virtual assistant Siri and maps for navigation which can talk and understand Indian English.

One of the executives said that the company has not given up on the capability of Indian Market and it will continue to roll out the affordability programs like cash-back and buy-back offers.

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