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Anjan Chatterjee: The hotelier who believes in a lean business model

The hotelier who believes in a lean business model rather than a fatty one, meet Anjan Chatterjee, who is an Indian founder, Chairman and Managing director of “Speciality Restaurants limited”. He was born in the year 1959 on 15th Feb and brought up in different places in India.

Mr. Chatterjee graduated in hotel management from the Institute of hotel management and catering technology, Kolkata in 1982. Then he joined the Taj group of hotels in Mumbai. After that, in 1986 he set up his agency and named it, “Situations Advertising and Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd”.

Due to his passion for food and restaurant business plans, in the year 1992, he started his first restaurant named “Only fish” in Mumbai which was later named “Oh! Calcutta ”. Further, Mr. Anjan Chatterjee started his Chinese restaurant brand “Mainland China” in Sakinaka, Mumbai.

Currently, he is running 120 outlets in over 27 cities in India as well as abroad. His business is a live example of a successful entrepreneurship development in India.

Following are the highlights from the speech made by Mr. Anjan Chatterjee:

  1. Hard-work and passion: There are many people who are hard-working out of which only a few people actually work hard. Whatever a person does, he or she must do it with passion.
  2. Be transparent: A business entrepreneur must be transparent in his business dealings. Recently the restaurants have started looking at organizational transparency.
  3. Concentration is the key: They had expanded the business but couldn’t concentrate on clubbing them was one of the mistakes they did as the restaurateur.
  4. Know the victory secret: The organization has PTT- process, training, and technology, no matter how many restaurants one has, the process should be in place. As per Mr. Anjan Chatterjee, if one does not have a unique product, the person is dead.
  5. A dark kitchen is in fashion: People do not like to stay away from tech-disruption; hence every restaurant owner is on the verge of deploying cloud kitchens.

According to Mr. Anjan Chatterjee, the young start-up enthusiasts must learn a lot from the experts in the same field. The restaurant hub has taken as a pivotal industry by the people worldwide but a lot of hard work is involved. And the industry requires knowledge of marketing, finance, real estate, food, and beverages.

As per the founder and hotelier, there are many restaurants that open and shut down every other day, but what matters is the sustainability of a restaurant. There are such brands that are, no doubt having a good place in the market but have to shut down due to the non-availability of staff.

As per him, one should keep a model that is lean and fat-free. One must learn to work with fewer people and in a small place first. Many people have to fight and combat issues like real estate prices. Prices in real estate in India costs much more than New York or London; the sustainable model is the prime necessity in such a scenario.

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