8 key inputs and activities that stimulates cloud migration

In today’s dynamic setup a business needs to evolve continuously to stay competitive in the market. This is the reason most of the businesses are migrating to the cloud. There is a study which suggests migration to the cloud reduces the operational cost by 51%, new products and services are introduced 18.8% faster and the biggest advantage is the implementation of advanced technologies like AI/ML and IoT.

Benefits of moving to cloud

  • Hiring of best technology: There are many top-notch companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, etc. who are more than happy to move your business to cloud and then implement the latest technological advancements to strengthen your business infrastructure.
  • Cost Reduction: As the entire infrastructure is owned and handled by the cloud services provider, it reduces your costs pertaining to buying, maintaining and finally disposing of the various IT infrastructural types of equipment required to run the business.
  • Easy Setup of the new business: Cloud migration has significantly reduced the capital requirement of the new businesses. Earlier there used to be huge capital required to install the entire infrastructure and then hire employees to run the infrastructure and spend money on maintaining it. Now as the entire thing is outsourced to the cloud service provider so setting up a business can become extremely easier.
  • Easy expansion: Earlier the companies were apprehensive about their existing IT infrastructure and held back from moving to cloud services. Now the cloud services provider has made it possible and easy by connecting the cloud services to the existing infrastructure and treating it as one unit. This has made business integration simpler and expansion easier.
  • Advantage of using the latest technology: The cloud services provider companies already have the latest infrastructure and technology at their disposal which will be used for your business once you hire them. So you get to use the latest technology and setup which otherwise would have been not feasible for you to arrange, install and maintain.
  • Scalable Website: This is another benefit you get when you migrate to cloud services. When you run your company website using cloud services they become really competitive and dynamic as you are charged for what you use. So now it becomes easier for you to scale your website up and down as per the requirement and that too automatically.
  • Mobility:  With the use of cloud environment, you can make various applications that can be run on any mobile platform like Windows, Android, iOS, etc. These applications can be accessed from anywhere and managed remotely from any location. 
  • Digitalization: In order to analyze and utilize the information available to the companies in an utmost efficient way, cloud services are a must. They transform your business digitally, through agile response to all the arising needs of the business by automatic scaling and dynamically provisioned computer services.

You have to be well aware of the advantages of migrating to the cloud environment and also strike the right balance towards the impact it might have on your corporate culture, people and technology. You can reap the benefits only when the balance is right. The acceptance is a must for the right implementation of cloud services and for it to reach its true potential.

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