7 tips to improve your brand awareness using data science

7 tips to improve your brand awareness using data science

Data science refers to those facts that are sieved from information that we get from a real consumer. There is no option better than this to build awareness about your brand. Data science is much more than random data. According to the big data executive survey of the year 2019, 62 % of executives have invested in big data. Their investment initiative shows the result in innovative business ideas.

But the question is, “What is the relationship between data science and brand awareness? And “How does data science help the companies in creating brand awareness?” The answer to this question is that when you make strategies to promote your business, your targeted things should be to:

  • Beat your competition;
  • Aim to attract an audience;
  • Stand unique in-crowd.

Just think about it that how will you achieve your targeted goals. For this, you need to understand the taste and preferences of the customers and to stand out in the crowd you need to study about:

  • Competitors;
  • Work; and
  • Their strategies.

Now the time is to study the role of data science. Data science provides you the detailed information about the behaviour and mind of your targeted audience and your competitors.

What will you do after getting information to meet your goal?

You will definitely listen to your intuition and inner instinct which give suggestions through vibes for your marketing strategies. Such vibes can be:

  • Choosing a colourful logo; or
  • Writing content on social media posts; or
  • Any other simple strategy.

But the reality is that your client will never be impressed with these things. The data science came into the picture to help you in your business marketing. Few tips to use data science that helps you in brand awareness:

Send recommendations personally

This is a strategy that touches millions of hearts and people spend money willingly on the products that your business is providing. Personalised marketing not only derives sale but also earn the confidence of your customers for a long time in your business.

Personal recommendation is making an offer to the consumer, it is only possible if you have faith in the information provided by data science and you analyse the behaviour of the customer on that basis. You come to know the type of product that your customer is in need through his search history and shopping cart.

Write a qualitative content

The content may include:

  • Infographics;
  • Videos;
  • Blogs;
  • Pictures; etc.

The quality of the content must be taken into consideration. It is the key to success. Your content is an investment that helps you to get new customers. Before launching your product the company needs to publish some content on their sites that helps the customers. It is possible because of data science if you invest in it. It will provide you with the needs of the audience through their information.

Think before choosing your social media platform

When you choose the right network, you will distribute branding content. Facebook is preferential social media tool as it provides you with the most versatile audience. Provided if you choose other media platform the data analytical will guide you that which platform help you in generating maximum traffic and you will create the content accordingly.

For instance: if you create an account on Instagram then you will need to hire professional photographers to make the content for your strong impression.

Beat your own performance

Here you need to think about how to:

  • Increase your memory;
  • Learn about your past behaviours;

That can help you in improving you in your present situation. The data of your past activity help you in showing that where are you lacking.

Grab data from the email of subscribers

Do you know the reason for sending emails to your subscriber? It is not just about sending information but to collect the data from your subscriber. The data includes the location of collaborators and the frequency of checking call and emails. With this knowledge, they are enabled to develop personalised branding and showcase where a brand is fit.

Use cookies to retarget and remarket your audience

Just as we eat cookies in real life, “cookies” of the tech world are what we usually see when we visit any website. You might have seen the pop-up that displays, “we use cookies…..”. These cookies are used to know customers preferences and you can retarget and remarket your product to the customer

Use the culture of a particular place to promote your brand awareness

More than half of the people of a society, place or religion follow the same custom and culture as the other people do. Suppose you have got the experience of handling a Punjabi customer, his taste, preference and the type of things he likes. Trust me, many other Punjabis have similar taste and preference as the previous one have.


Big data is a big deal. It seems to look complex but it is easy and gives you the brain for taking reasonable decisions which have great potential to result in you with a good ROI.



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