5 Strategies that can help you meet the growing online demand of during pandemic

How a business can survive during Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus epidemic is wreaking havoc on the global economy. Air travel is severely curtailed, sports leagues and major events are cancelled, countries are setting travel restrictions to keep the virus out of their borders. The medical system, throughout the world, and public health officials are already preparing themselves for the worst. Now, let’s take a look at the strategies to meet growing online demand during a pandemic. 

Engage customers

  1. Real-time customer engagement is a major challenge for advertisers; in fact, marketing leaders put it one of their priorities, not just the second.
  2. When the Covid-19 outbreak ruined Michael Kors fashion brand plans to launch a new line of custom handbags, the company worked on creating a series of digital programs including a pop-up experience where users could take personal inquiries and receive a personal message and bag from Kors himself.
  3. Filling in social and digital platforms with new, simple, customized experiences creates moments and memories that make customers feel connected to the product, even if they cannot see, touch, or try something in person.

Right Information

  • In marketing, your focus is on investing in understanding what your customers are facing so that you can offer them the choices, methods, services, and products they find important. 
  • With today’s proliferation of product touch space, advances in analytics, and behavioural recording tools, data-driven decision-making is very accessible; consider customer statistics data, public listening tools, and customer travel maps.
  • Google has launched a new “Google Rising Retail Categories tool” to help understand the sectors and areas where there is an increase in the demand of a particular product or service and similar queries.

Revitalizing the business to meet changing needs

  • The sales model of the “black shop” was close before the epidemic, but historically it was very popular in Europe until recently. The idea, which is growing in popularity around the world thanks to Covid-19, is transforming traditional stores into local filling stations.
  • In addition to store customers who are accustomed to doing so, retailers are able to accommodate the growing demand for the internet with faster delivery while also providing key fulfilment specific breathing spaces.
  • The launch of DashMart makes DoorDash the first delivery service to find and manage its delivery list.

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Welcome new sales channels

  • Even as the world becomes more and more closed, people will still want and need to buy things. This is creating opportunities to work for your market through other marketing channels.
  • For example, if coronavirus reduces footprint in your retail business, consider expanding your e-commerce offering. Restaurants in China have seen a decline in in-store customers, so they are selling substitutes.

Increase Hiring for delivery

  • Workers play a vital role in delivering on time especially, for retail businesses. This may help businesses to survive and function well during a pandemic. This may also open the route to the expansion of the business digitally. 
  • Bigbasket, Grofers, and Medlife have seen tremendous growth in demand and have been looking for workers for home deliveries. 

Can you create more conversations on social media and LinkedIn instead of in-store sales meetings? B2B is ready with all risk-management strategies especially when selling software or other digital services and solutions. The business is still going strong, but much of it may need to happen online.

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