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Manish Malhotra – The Fashion Statement – Expanding the horizons of the fashion industry

Manish Malhotra - The Fashion Statement

Manish Malhotra has always been a ‘FASHION-ICON’ and has proved himself in providing the best outfits. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he too has suffered in his business. Ultimately, the fascinating thing is that his works have always been in high demand, because of which it is getting back on track even during a pandemic.

Digitally drive:

Going digital is the new trend! Like other industries, this industry too has shown a wide online presence. Especially in India, A new showroom has changed me into a picture by Lakme-Fashion-Week, where they highlight the unique and creatively designed products.

This creative step by Lakme fashion has motivated many other fashion icons not to give up and take enhance their business digitally like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, etc.

WhatsApp consultation:

Simultaneously, having the switch to the online presence of their offline business, the huge amount of interaction with their clients will majorly be done via WhatsApp with full customer support following the customer-centric approach.

Offline store visits

A part of admitting and taking this huge step of switching digitally, Manish Malhotra also planned to have the visits to offline stores with the consent of store managers to avoid any confusion taking into account the full safety measures for their clients, use of masks, and other important essentials required to fight with this pandemic.

Plans on expanding stores

Delhi and Hyderabad are tier-one cities, consisting of people with high living standards, hence opening stores there has always been his dream.

The new store inaugurated on 22nd-May. He understands the reality that the orders for the initial few weeks are not going to be skyrocketing and is willing to go ahead with the slow flow expecting it to get better with time.

Manish Malhotra feels like the wedding season is on his head, which is profitable from a business point of view. Even the small number of lockdown marriages will help him recover the dead grass of 70 days pandemic because the brides and grooms still want to be beautifully dressed.

Changing Rooms; New safety measures:

As per the fashion icon Manish Malhotra, “His stores aren’t just to generate money; his main vision is to help people providing the unique experience and exposure. The cleanliness, especially the aura, and the mesmerizing vibes is his priority. After the changing room trail, the dress will be washed and placed back within 4 hours”.

Experts as Manforce

Manish Malhotra has tied up with experts scattered all over the world. Especially, in India, designers and experts residing in beautiful places like Kashmir, Benaras, and MWS-(Mijwan Welfare Society) were asked to highlight their calibre and creativity. He also promised to provide jobs to most of them.

Collection of spices & sugar

As the headline suggests, his collection is going to be extremely unique i-e., the materials, designs, gotta works, fabrics, and embroideries are going to be worth the money. He will be mixing all of the ideas he has stored including unique masks.

The myth of not wearing “sarees and tops/jackets” together will stop. Mix & Match of different attires worn individually earlier, will be a different set of interest for upcoming customers.

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