Consocia Advisory

The branding and positioning of the company go a long way in deciding the success of the company. We are living in the age of media where mountains are made of molehills. So we have to be extra cautious in our dealings and decisions which may affect society at large in multiple ways. Consocia Advisory steps in at this juncture and handholds you in making such decisions in a superior and effective manner. They have achieved enormous success and no doubt they are now the trusted partners of innumerable companies for managing their reputation and public affairs. They have enabled many companies and startups to achieve stupendous success.

Who are they?

Consocia Advisory has revolutionized the consulting industry.  It follows an innovative approach towards creating, managing and protecting brand reputation. Consocia is based in Delhi but has a steady flow of esteemed clientele in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. It has been founded by the highly experienced and award-winning ex–CXOs–Dr Praveen Aggarwal, Dr MVRL Murthy and Deepak Jolly who collectively hold more than 100 years of rich experience in MNCs like Hindustan Unilever, Coca-Cola, Airtel, etc. They not only design infallible strategies but also measure them against pre-defined metrics and their end impact.

What they do?

Consocia Advisory delivers extensive services in the field of Public Affairs, Reputation Management, Sustainability, and CSR. They offer services to various start-ups, small and medium enterprises, large companies, MNCs, etc. across multiple sectors. They believe in staying ahead of the competition and thinking ahead of time and out of the box to offer innovative solutions to their clients. They enable their clients to identify upcoming challenges well in advance and mitigate risk and any negative repercussions that might arise out of management decisions.

Research and deep knowledge is their forte which aids them in making smart decisions and complementing project management. They believe in working in tandem with their clients to co-create successful projects and strategies. They want to tap global learning and share the best practices with their partners to ensure a deep impact on customers’ business.

Why you should choose them?

The founders of Consocia Advisors are visionaries in the true sense. They have created and experienced success across various sectors and industries. They have decades of experience in multinational companies and understand the nuances and nitty-gritty required to succeed at that level and overcome potential pitfalls. They are a powerhouse of talent and knowledge in the field of resource mobilization, public affairs, Communications, Sales and Marketing and Reputation and Brand Management.

Consocia Advisory is apt in dealing with public affairs and shaping public opinions. They have a depth understanding of the socio-economic-political landscape and are experts in leveraging support from all the stakeholders. They have steadily made a name for themselves and have been awarded many awards and accolades for their contribution. They have a never say never attitude and work with a lot of zeal and excitement. They are available 24/7 for their clients and enabling them to achieve success through enhanced reputation management.

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