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Stories of Successful Entrepreneurs 2021

Stories of Successful entrepreneurs 2021

The world of business might appear all shiny from the outside but in reality, it is all stones and thorns on the inside. You might look at successful entrepreneurs and admire their lifestyle and luxurious possessions. But until you know the actual stories behind how their lives went from being just a normal story to where they are, you cannot get truly motivated.

Every established and successful entrepreneur today started from scratch someday. Through the paths of innovation, dedication, smart work and perseverance, they achieved remarkable heights of success.

In this piece, we bring you some of the most delightful success stories of some of the highly successful entrepreneurs. These stories will not only inspire you to work harder for your startup, but will also work as a role model for many who are looking to make a name in the industry with their idea.

  1. Naveen Jain: Naveen Jain is the second name of brilliance, resilience and smart work. Born on September 6, 1959 is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee, India. Naveen came into limelight when he founded InfoSpace in 1996. The company went public in 1998 and raised $75 million. InfoSpace became one of the largest internet companies in the America for a short span of time. During that prime time, Naveen’s net worth was estimated to be $8 billion. After InfoSpace, Naveen has many more huge companies in his portfolio. He founded Intelius in 2003 which was sold in 2015 under the name Inome. Jain also co-founded Moon Express in 2010 which built machine-operated spacecraft with an objective of mining gold, platinum, cobalt and other materials from the moon. He is currently the CEO of Viome, a wellness monitoring service. Naveen’s career as an entrepreneur has been full of ups and downs, controversies but he is an excellent example of perseverance and resilience. He is also compared with the names of Elon Musk because of the innovation and technologies he has successfully built and brought to table. He is currently an American citizen but he went from a generic student to a young and successful entrepreneur.
  2. Sabeer Bhatia: Sabeer Bhatia is credited with founding Hotmail with another colleague in July, 1996. Hotmail went on to become an extremely popular web mail service. He secured a funding of $300,000 for Hotmail. Upon reaching user base of 8 million, Sabeer Bhatia’s baby Hotmail came into the eyes of Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. The deal was finally inked for $400 million. Sabeer grew up as a son of Indian Army captain as father and banker mother. He is currently engaged in boosting agricultural sector using Internet of Things. Sabeer after signing deal with Microsoft became one of the famous entrepreneurs and featured in many entrepreneurial magazines.
  3. Daymond John: Daymond Garfield John was born in 1969. He has successfully established himself as American businessman. He is the founder, CEO and President of FUBU. He is also an investor and motivational speaker. FUBU is an American apparel company which has grossed over $6 billion in sales. Daymond has also invested in ABC channel television series Shark Tank. John has started his own entrepreneurship training program online as well as offline. He trains young and wannabe entrepreneurs on how to be successful and emerge as a winner among competition. Daymond extensively promotes education for children and has worked immensely in this field.
  4. Reid Hoffman: Reid Hoffman is an American internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is the co-founder of popular social network LinkedIn. LinkedIn is extensively business oriented and is used by entrepreneurs and professionals all over the globe to connect and expand their business. He is also a partner at venture capital firm Greylock Partners. Reid has been featured on Forbes’ list of billionaires. Hoffman has been estimated to have a net worth of $1.8 billion. Hoffman has been involved with a lot of public intellectual world.
  5. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw: Kiran is a successful woman entrepreneur based out of India. She is the Chairperson and Managing Director of Biocon Limited, Bengaluru, India. She is also employed as Chairperson of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. She got herself featured in the list of most powerful women in 2016 and 2017. Being a woman didn’t hold her back anywhere in her life. She worked herself up with utter dedication and smart work.
  6. Sara Blakely: Sara Blakely is an American billionaire entrepreneur. She founded Spanx, an intimate apparel company. She was placed in the list of Time 100 Most Powerful People in the World. She is a self-made billionaire. She used to sell fax machines door to door for seven years. From doing that to being featured in the list of 100 most powerful people in the world is an unimaginable feat in itself.

There are several other entrepreneurs whose stories can lift the spirits of young entrepreneurs. Upon reading these success stories, you can finally decide to take the plunge and start working towards shaping your future for good. It does not matter what type of entrepreneurship you want to engage yourself with. If you work smart with dedication and with a goal to make a positive impact in your life as well as others, you are bound to succeed. Much social entrepreneurship is established every year not with the aim of just making a profit, but with a vision of changing numerous lives for good.

It is important to have a great idea with a complete executable business plan to succeed in your startup. On the other hand, it is equally important to stay motivated by reading the success stories of those entrepreneurs who suffered the tragic times and still made it big for themselves. When the going gets tough, a small piece of inspiration can go a long way in making things right. Entrepreneurs are like family among themselves. To admire and get inspired is one of the key ingredients to become a successful entrepreneur.

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