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Indian men hate condom – Route cause of overpopulation

Indian men hate condom – Route cause of overpopulation

As per the stats, nearly 95 % of Indian men do not use condoms; in fact, they hate to use it. Undoubtedly, the number of males who are actively indulged in sexual pleasures are more than the ones who are aware of the importance of using one. The data of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) unveils that 98 % of men are sexually active while 94 % are aware of the importance of using a condom.

This uncaring and selfish attitude is the root cause of the main problem arising in India that is Overpopulation. Not only Overpopulation, it further contributes to give birth to poverty, scarcity of resources and the list of problems is endless.

The country has evolved around the ego and dominance of males. They think what they are doing is correct without getting their facts cleared. Last month, the United Nations said that India will surpass China to become the world’s most populous country by the year 2028.

The selfishness and lust of males are steeped in patriarchy. We are not here to criticize the male wing but to show them the mirror, the truth that they are aware of but do not bother about. This shifts the burden on women to maintain a family full of children.

There is no rocket science as to why India’s population is not exploding like a bomb but like an active volcano.

Use of Condom in India:

  1. Andhra Pradesh is the state where only 0.2 % of men use a condom.
  2. It is followed by states like Telangana where 0.5 % of men use a condom, then Tamil Nadu (0.8 %), Bihar (1 %), Karnataka (1.3 %) and so on.

The latest reports on the state of health in India — National Health Profile 2018 and the National Family Health Survey show that nearly 95 % of married couples do not use condoms.

The reluctance towards using condoms among Indian men can also be understood from the fact that even in the Union Territory Chandigarh nearly 73 % of men don’t use condoms.

Consequences of not using a Condom:

There are two possibilities:

  • You may end up producing a baby, and
  • You may end up getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Yes, this is a fact that without using a condom, it is possible to contract STD or end up producing a baby, but the odds are heavily against this. The risk involved in unprotected sex is significantly high for any rational person to take it.

Most family planning methods overbearingly put the onus of family planning on women. In terms of power equations, the absence of more family planning methods for men put women in a disadvantageous position.

The primary purpose of a condom is to stop unwanted pregnancy and protect sexually active people from contracting STDs. If one list down the different methods of family planning then using a condom is among the easiest and cheapest methods.

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