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Entrepreneurship Lessons from Albert Einstein

Entrepreneurship Lessons From Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists who ever walked on the face of this earth. Einstein’s contribution to the fields of science, technology and mathematics is hidden from no one. No textbook or school curriculum has been ever made without mentioning Einstein’s name in it.

From the “Theory of Relativity” to the famous formula of E=mc2, Einstein played a huge role in shaping the world as we see it now. While everyone knows Einstein for his immense work in science, very few people know and understand that he is a role model for many entrepreneurs in India and everywhere in the world. No matter what type of entrepreneurship you are involved with, Einstein has taught us some lessons which can be really helpful if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

Einstein’s life in itself can be a great example of excellent leadership, administration and entrepreneurship.

  1. Read a lot: For an entrepreneur, his mind is his greatest weapon. So, if you want to wield this weapon with complete power and precision, you need to make sure that it stays sharp. And there is no better exercise for brain than reading. Einstein also once accepted that it was the reading which helped him formulate the theory of special relativity. Reading can instil you mind with great ideas, actions and solutions without you even knowing. Top entrepreneurs in the world have one thing in common for sure. That thing is that all of them are intellectual and avid readers.
  2. Being Wrong is Good Sometimes: Even a brain like Einstein sometimes failed with things. Einstein too was wrong several times in his life with his theories. But does the world remember him for being wrong a few times? No. The world remembers him for the genius he was. The lesson here is that being wrong does not mean end of the world. A good entrepreneur should learn from his failure and mistake. That failure should become the stepping stone for this next successful venture.
  3. Face the Challenges: How would it have been if Einstein gave up the first time he faced a challenge in his life with his work. An uncountable number of inventions would not have been there. Einstein’s habit of questioning everything he saw in the nature, his inner voice which compelled him to take on the challenge and his thirst for solving complex equations are some of the traits a young entrepreneur should try to develop. He also once said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
  4. Play on Your Strengths and Not Your Weaknesses: Einstein had trouble memorizing words when he was a child. He was a very reluctant in engaging socially. There are several other problems he faced while growing up. But nothing stopped him because he made use of his most important power- his brain. Being mentally strong, realizing your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses are some of the good characteristics of entrepreneurship. Einstein proved it time and again that with perseverance and determination towards a certain cause, there is nothing which is not achievable.
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