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Top 5 Business Newspapers and Magazines in India

Top 5 Business Newspapers and Magazines in India

Keeping track of what’s going on in the market is extremely crucial for an entrepreneur. For anyone involved in the business of any kind, it becomes vital to be aware of ongoing trends in the market. To serve this purpose, there are numerous websites, magazines, newspapers and blogs operational in India. However, if you plan to analyse the market thoroughly, you need to choose a magazine or a newspaper that is reliable, trustworthy, has authority and which helps you stay updated with every new development and news of the business world.

There are several international magazines too which are extremely popular when it comes to business magazines or news portals. However, for most of the entrepreneurs and businessmen in India, it is the Indian market and its ecosystem which mostly matters. Their business, trade and profits are mostly dependent on what is happening in the Indian market.

For such entrepreneurs, we have compiled a list of top 5 business magazines and newspapers which can be good sources to acquire all the information you need regarding what is currently up in the Indian markets, its trends, government’s trade and economic policies and much more.

  1. Outlook Business: Outlook Business primarily covers a thorough analysis of market trends, stock prices and business tactics and strategies of numerous business organizations and ventures. Outlook Business as a business magazine provides information collected from all the business spheres and sectors. It is one of the most prestigious business magazines in India. It also covers the success stories and business ideas of leading businessmen and entrepreneurs. They recently revamped their complete online portal. Outlook focuses more and gives higher coverage to government’s economic and other related policies.
  2. Economic Times: Economic Times has repeatedly featured in the top 5 business magazines and newspapers in India for several years. Their coverage on financial and business news from all over the globe is excellent. Economic Times is a really fine choice when it comes to reading financial or business news due to its high standards of language, terminologies and industry level jargon. ET is preferred by experts as a source of valid and reliable information. Over the years, their online and offline media have made significant changes which increased its readership manifold.
  3. Business Today: Business Today was without a doubt the first magazine which explored business management’s theories and its applications in different business situations, case studies and scenarios. According to a survey by Indian Readership Survey (IRS), Business Today was in the top 10 business magazines having the highest number of readership. They usually print the effects of various policies and business strategies over Indian economy. They also cover a wide variety of industries and businesses so that people who are willing to make a name in the industry can get ideas and learn lessons from the successes and failures of others.
  4. Livemint: Wall Street magazine and Hindustan Times in India have started Livemint in collaboration. It is the official website of the business newspaper. Livemint has set a great example in terms of online readership for a business magazine. They get remarkable user engagement on their website where they cover all the trends and developments of the business world in India as well as outside. Livemint has been in circulation since 2007. They mostly target policy makers and business executives as their readers. The content is top-notch in quality, thorough and often makes use of graphics, charts and technical data.
  5. Business Connect India: BCI has established itself as the first choice of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and capitalists as a business magazine. Business Connect release their monthly edition with the objective of brining top level executives, businessmen and intellectuals together. Not just India, you can find everything from our domestic market to world business news on Business Connect magazine. Business Connect magazine’s review revealed that they do not cover only big brands and companies. In fact, a lot of flourishing businesses, budding entrepreneurs and individuals find themselves featured in Business Connect India’s edition time and again. They also bring to their users success stories of various leaders, business men and entrepreneurs which can keep us inspired and motivated.

There are several other magazines like Business Connect India which deserve to get named on this list. Such names comprise Business Standard, The Hindu Business Line, The Franchising World and many more.

As a reader who is interested in being in the loop with what is going on in the business world, it is important to find a magazine which not only conveys all the facts and figures accurately but also publishes content in a language that is simple enough to be understood and grasped by everyone. The cost of the print also matters. Keeping all the factors in mind, Business Connect India magazine surely stands out from the rest as they are the leading business magazine with the complete package of features, knowledge and price.

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