Being a big foodie I can understand your feelings for food. When it comes to food, I cannot wait for long hours to get it cooked. My cravings get on my nerves and I go blank until I get a tasty dish inside my stomach. The hot and crispy pizza, that saucy pasta, the creamy saucy bowl of salad, that soft and sweet cake, let it be any food item if I want to eat it; it should get ready in less than 20 minutes and tasty at the same time.

Here is the list of the dinner items you can pick up to make them in less than 20 minutes:

  1. Avocado and tomato salad recipe:
    • Take ½ avocado and slice it into small cubes.
    • Sprinkle them well with lemon juice.
    • Don’t forget to add avocado seed to prevent slices from getting brown.
    • Take ½ onions and put in boiling water for 2 minutes.
    • Take 3 fresh tomatoes and slice them.
    • Combine all in a bowl. Dress the salad with oil, add salt and pepper as per taste.
    • Toss and garnish with some seasoning. Take out the avocado seed before serving.
  2. Potato Patties:
    • Take 2 big sized potatoes, peel them and grate them with a large whole grater.
    • Use cheesecloth to drain small portions of grated potato.
    • Heat up three spoons seed oil in a pan.
    • After it gets heated up, spread a small portion of potato evenly in the pan. Sprinkle them with pepper and salt.
    • Fry them till they become slight brown from both the sides.
    • Your potato patties are ready.
  3. Poha recipe: One of my late-night favourite dishes is poha. It is light and healthy. Though it has complex carbs but it helps a lot in losing weight.
    • For this take two bowls of Poha (flattened rice), soak them in water and immediately rinse off to dry in a sieve so that there remains no water in it after that.
    • Take one onion, tomato, green chilies, and a small portion of ginger.
    • Chop all these in different trays.
    • Heat 1 spoon oil in a pan.
    • Add one chopped green chili, ¼ spoon of asafoetida, ¼ spoon of cumin seeds, chopped portion of ginger to the pan and sauté them.
    • Sauté until the ginger becomes light brown, then add chopped onion and let it turn brown too.
    • Add chopped tomatoes, you can also use tomato puree, and sauté them well. Wait until the tomatoes are mashed up properly. Then add salt, red pepper, turmeric, coriander powder, as per the taste.
    • Add the drained poha and mix all the ingredients well. Sprinkle one lemon juice after it is cooked. Serve with tomato sauce.

These are the mouth-watering and easy-to-make recipes that you can make in less than just 20 minutes. Apart from there are the instant food items packages available in the market like two minute Maggie, tomato soup, vegetable soup, masala oats, tomato pasta, etc, that you can easily make and calm your cravings. Have a good appetite.

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